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What Happened to Treble Charger?

I opened an old box of cds today and pulled out Treble Charger’s 1997 album, “Maybe it’s Me.” I am sad to admit that I forgot about this Canadian band and this awesome power pop album with an indie vibe. I listened to the first four songs; with the wonderfully whiny guitar on “Friend of Mine,” the words and happy feelings came back to me in a flood. (I had to pause when I got a request from the back seat for kids’ music great Laurie Berkner.)

As soon as I could, I looked Treble Charger up online to find out what had become of the band. I was glad to see that they had released two more albums, and I began to listen to “Wide Awake Bored,” from 2000, on Spotify. I know you shouldn’t judge an album by its title, but this one seemed suspect. As I listened, I began to wonder if I had the same band. This Treble Charger sounded more like Green Day.

I continued reading and discovered that, between 1997 and 2000, the band joined the throng of pop punk bands enjoying success at the time. The transition cost them singer/guitarist Bill Priddle, whose heart was in the music they made on “Maybe it’s Me.” A hint of that can be heard on the jangly opening and plaintive vocals of “I Don’t Know,” and the introspective ballad closer, “Just What They Told Me,” on “Bored.”

I haven’t listened to “Detox” from 2002 yet, but only because it’s after 10 p.m. I may be upping my music intake, but the times I stay up listening until the wee hours are few and reserved for live shows. I don’t want to revert to my former music snob self, but the animation-style cover art featuring cars, a scantily clad woman and men throwing punches suggests that this is more in-your-face testosterone tunes. I’ll save it for Sunday breakfast.



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