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The Seasons of Love – Gramercy Arms

I discovered Gramercy Arms in October 2014, and I am still geeking out about the lineup that joins Dave Derby on this fun collection of songs that the Wall Street Journal (who knew the WSJ likes to rock out?) calls a “testimony to the kind of clever rock and pop that prizes craft, structure and arrangement without sacrificing joy.”

The guest artists on this album fit seamlessly into radio-friendly songs and hail from bands including Derby’s former Dambuilders, Luna (swoon), Guided By Voices, and Sparklehorse. Household names include Lloyd Cole (for whom Derby has played bass—must check that out!), Kay Hanley (formerly of Boston’s Letters to Cleo), and Tanya Donnelly (Belly and Throwing Muses). A prolonged listen will reveal a hint of the “Always in Love” melody in several other songs.

Gramercy Arms played a ridiculously early set at one of the 50 Years of Boston Music shows during fall 2014, and sadly, I missed their set, but I did see Gigolo Aunts, one of my favorite power pop bands, that night.

Top track: Always in Love

Could be a Lloyd Cole song: Beautiful Disguise

Could be in a movie: The Season of Love

The Seasons of Love

  1. Season of Love
  2. Winter Light
  3. The Night Is Your Only Friend
  4. Novemberlong
  5. Beautiful Disguise
  6. Always In Love
  7. Yours Untruly
  8. Playing With Fire
  9. Say the Word
  10. Thin
  11. Chemical Reaction


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