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Dear Catastrophe Waitress – Belle & Sebastian

Please bear with me as this project develops in the first few weeks. Today is an example of an ambitious listen. Or perhaps I should not read reviews like this 2003 article from, full of descriptive phrases, knowledgeable comparisons and references, and a lot of attitude.

I fell in love with Belle & Sebastian (in the 90s) because they were different and for their retro proclivities. Today I discovered that listening to 12 Belle & Sebastian songs in a row might not be such a good choice. The songs are still wonderful stories that listeners may or may not get, set against pleasant orchestration. Stuart Murdoch’s high pitch is reminiscent of a bygone troubadour, but by the time Sarah Martin sings “Asleep on a Sunbeam,” it is a relief.

I know there is so much more I could say, but frankly I’m a bit tongue tied. Like a good album, I need to find my rhythm with this project.

Dear Catastrophe Waitress – Belle & Sebastian

1. Step into My Office, Baby”
2. Dear Catastrophe Waitress”
3. If She Wants Me”
4. Piazza, New York Catcher”
5. Asleep on a Sunbeam”
6. I’m a Cuckoo”
7. You Don’t Send Me”
8. Wrapped Up in Books”
9. Lord Anthony”
10. If You Find Yourself Caught in Love”
11. Roy Walker”
12. Stay Loose”



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